Bay Area consumers urged to conserve energy to avoid outages during record heat wave

Aaron Johnson, PG&E Regional Vice President for the Bay Area, spoke about the importance of conserving power later in the day between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. to avoid power outages.

“So we’re really encouraging everyone, anything you can do, run the dishwasher, charge your electric vehicle, do a load of washing, if you can do it outside of that window, it’s up to this time that the network is the most stressed in this weather.”

The California Independent System Operator also called a flexible alertthese alerts urge customers to reduce their energy consumption, which will help reduce stress on the state’s power grid.

PG&E confirmed there were no power outages on Monday. So far, all outages have been attributed to equipment failures. More than 45,000 customers were without power as of 7 p.m. Monday evening. As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, around 4,000 customers remained without power.

For those who don’t have air conditioning at home – or experience a power outage – cooling centers are a great way to escape the heat. Again, Aaron Johnson:

“We’re here in Alameda County, there’s over 30 in Alameda County, we’ve added this one here in San Leandro, we’re donating some of the resources that we normally do at an event power outage, we’ve got snacks, we’ve got a charger for your phone, we’ve got water.”

Bay Area residents can go to the PG&E website and locate a cooling center near them.

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