Best Student Projects Using Renewable Energy Sources

We often hear about the use of green technologies or renewable energy sources. Yet it is not often mentioned that many discoveries in this field were made possible by college or even school-level students. In most cases, student-led projects become those innovative solutions that help show the importance of supporting young people in their endeavors. As practice shows, this is often the method of trial and error, as researchers explore various unusual options and often feel like giving up when unexpected solutions turn up.

Ideas like the unique generation of electricity from sound waves to the creation of twin wind turbines, students from all over the world are happy to submit their projects. Since these projects deal with renewable energy sources, it is a clever mix of principles of physics, chemistry, biology and even psychology as people strive to put resources and technologies available to people around the world.

Best Student Projects Using Renewable Energy Sources

1. Automatic solar tracking project.

While this project idea isn’t new, it’s one of those renewable energy solutions that many schools and students are approaching because it’s entirely possible to start at home and continue by turning to laboratory facilities. The main difference of this tracker idea is automation, as the solar tracker can adjust itself to capture the most intense source and beam of sunlight to generate the maximum output. The majority of students use the Arduino platform for development and related processing techniques. In terms of simplicity and accessibility, this is one of those projects that students should consider, because it’s easy to make!

2. Smart power shoe.

This idea may seem quite futuristic, but students all over the world are researching the best ways to convert human heat and pressure (what we give off as kinetic energy) into electricity using the power of movement and the pressure we constantly apply when we walk or run. Since creating a smart shoe is an idea that already exists, it is also possible to consider this method as an alternative to solar or hydraulic energy sources. The basic principle here is the conversion of piezoelectric and 3D models. Objects can be manipulated to estimate the amount of energy produced and how it can be stored for later application.

3. Aerial vehicles for ocean exploration.

Also known as ocean drones, they have been studied and explored by students around the world, winning numerous awards and gaining the recognition they deserve. The trick with these devices is that they don’t require much human intervention and can be completely self-contained while in operation. It is powered by solar and wind energy. As the combination of the two, it is one of the most effective solutions for complex tasks because the use of an anemometer, pyranometer, hygrometer, pyrometer and barometer between stakes !

4. Battery powered bottle and water purifier.

The idea is to create an innovative model of a classic water bottle for situations where there is no clear water available. It aims to use rechargeable battery power to offer the purification system based on typical water filters as it receives renewable energy. It can also act as a USB charger for your phone, becoming an essential solution for those who travel or go camping. For this you need the USB module, a rechargeable battery, an LED diode, a carbon filter and the water bottle itself. Many students have worked on this excellent solution, which may become one of the best technology projects to consider! Remember to focus on good wiring and use environmentally friendly insulation materials!

5. Arduino based noise pollution detectors.

It can detect and track anything above levels > 90 dB. Using air quality sensors, robotics, and the famous Ardinou Ultra kit, students can learn about physics while exploring the most effective ways to protect our environment.

The use of renewable energies as a culture of life

Although this fact is not often mentioned by the media these days, individuals who use renewable energy sources are also making a significant change in their perception of life and the resources we consume. Given the challenges and variables at play, the use of renewable energy becomes a culture of life where we learn and explore. Helpful TEDx videos on the best ways to use technology to be more proactive with personal health care, we become responsible by seeking the most effective solutions. The same goes for students who seek the answers and want to deliver an intelligent outcome to every challenge, whether it’s something they’re facing locally or a global problem.

It is the right attitude that brings about positive change and serves as motivation to make this world a better and safer place. Just present it in an accessible form! If you struggle with writing, consider exploring essay author reviews and find an expert who can help you make your writing clear and unique!

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