Discover how technological innovations are remonetizing renewable energy sources

An upcoming segment of Advancements with Ted Danson will explore recent innovations in renewable energy sources.

Advances will explore how technological improvements help reuse renewable energy by remonetizing renewable energy sources. Viewers will experience how existing or decommissioned renewable energy sources are revitalized to provide electricity behind the meter.

Audiences will learn how Anika Digital Holdings is building Bitcoin mining facilities from existing or decommissioned renewable energy sources, with a focus on supporting rural communities.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase how revitalizing renewable energy infrastructure can power Bitcoin’s green mining facilities. We believe our efforts will help revive economies in rural communities where the industry has been lost,” said Jason Roberts, President and CEO of Anika Digital Holdings.

Additionally, the show will explore how Anika Digital Holdings is focused on helping to improve the earth, while continuing to be pioneers in the growth and development of the world of decentralized finance.

“We look forward to exploring how Anika is working to develop vertically integrated, green energy-powered bitcoin mining facilities in rural communities across the country,” said Richard Lubin, senior producer of the Advancements series.


About Anika Digital Holdings:

Founded with a vision of determination, Anika Digital Holdings seeks to solve a huge problem affecting the planet, Bitcoin mining. Anika Digital Holdings reuses green energy infrastructure, such as biomass, to power on-site Bitcoin mining operations. Anika Digital Holdings goes one step further by using a percentage of profits mined from Bitcoin to re-monetize rural communities left behind by lost economic opportunities.

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About DMG advancements and productions:

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