Electricity consumption rises in Kerala, likely to hit a record high in April, Electricity consumption in Kerala, KSEB

Idukki: With the rising level of mercury in the state, electricity consumption is increasing day by day. KSEB reported that 84.8 million units of electricity were used in the state on Tuesday. This is the highest consumption recorded this year.

KSEB observed that if the temperature continues to rise, the daily power consumption will exceed 90 million units in April. Therefore, the state will mark an all-time high in daily energy consumption.

Observing the chances of an increase in consumption, KSEB plans to buy 100 MW of electricity each externally in the next two months.

Kerala experienced high temperatures in March. Mercury levels are observed to be increasing day by day. Thus, the increase in power consumption proportional to the temperature level is expected.

Energy consumption will increase as the state is busy preparing for assembly ballots.

Till date, the state recorded the highest energy consumption in May 2019. During this period, 88 million units of electricity were used per day.

Major dams in Kerala carry water to generate 2359 million units of electricity. Compared to the power produced in the last 5 years, the state will be able to supply more electricity.

On Tuesday, KSEB produced 24.7 million units of electricity. Last year, only 9.8 million units of electricity were produced on the same day.

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