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Based in Texas panda energy plans to build a 100 million gallon fuel ethanol plant in southwestern Kansas. What’s even better than producing domestic fuel is that the plant will be consuming a problematic by-product of the region’s livestock feed!

The plant will use one billion pounds of livestock manure annually as a renewable fuel to power plant operations. The $120 million facility will refine US corn and milo into fuel ethanol that will be blended with gasoline to produce clean, inexpensive fuel for US cars and trucks. The ethanol produced at this plant will replace the need to import 100 million gallons of gasoline each year.

Project Haskell is Panda’s third fuel ethanol project announced this year. In May, Panda announced a 100 million gallon plant in Hereford, Texas, and in August the company announced that its second plant would be built in Yuma, Colorado. The combined output of the three announced Panda ethanol plants will replace 300 million gallons of imported gasoline each year.

These projects will use a total of three billion pounds of livestock manure per year as renewable fuel. The manure is gasified and converted into a clean biogas used to power the plant. By using biogas produced from manure instead of natural gas, each facility will save the equivalent of 1,000 barrels of oil per day.

The company says the plant will produce enough ethanol to replace 100 million gallons of gasoline expected to be imported each year.

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