Entergy Mississippi asks its customers to reduce their energy consumption

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DESOTO COUNTY, Mississippi — With more wintry weather heading our way and cold temperatures lingering, demand for electricity is skyrocketing as people try to stay warm.

On Tuesday, Entergy Mississippi conducted outages in Desoto, Washington, Hinds, Adams, Lincoln, Bolivar, Rankin, Madison, Leake and Warren counties that began around 7 p.m. Nearly 19,000 customers were left in the dark for 46 minutes to an hour.

The company asked everyone to do their part so they don’t have to keep doing it.

Bridgette Hays of Horn Lake, Mississippi, said she was doing everything she could to stay warm and save energy at the same time.

“Put towels under your doors and on your window sills,” she suggested. “We do this, we do all of this. You know it’s cold, everyone’s cold.

Hayes, like other Entergy customers, is now being asked to dig a little deeper and limit his electricity usage.

“We’re kind of all in this together and what we’re trying to avoid is being completely heatless, powerless,” said Mara Hartmann of Entergy Mississippi.

She said customers are being asked to make sacrifices now to avoid what are called temporary interruptions in electrical services.

“Unfortunately this will happen fairly quickly as they try to manage it, but if it reaches a critical state they will contact us and let us know immediately and we will contact and inform our customers through all the many channels we have to us,” Hartmann said.

They suggested that you set your thermostat to 68 degrees and avoid using unnecessary electrical appliances, especially during the peak hours of 5-9 p.m.

Vivian Smith said she was ready to help but had concerns.

“I have an 82-year-old mother who lives with me, so I turn down the thermostat and she uses her electric blanket. We can try to reduce the power a bit,” she said.

Entergy said sick and elderly people would not be affected by power outages.

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