EU plans to classify nuclear energy and natural gas as green energy sources

The proposal, seen by AFP on Saturday, aims to support the 27-nation bloc’s transition to a carbon-neutral future and gild its credentials as a global standard setter to tackle climate change.

But the fact that the EU quietly circulated the text to member states late on Friday, in the final hours of 2021 after the much-delayed document had been promised twice earlier in the year, highlighted the difficult road for write it.

If a majority of member states support it, it will become EU law, which will come into force from 2023.

France has led the charge to have nuclear power – its main source of energy – included, despite strong opposition from Austria and skepticism from Germany, which is in the process of shutting down all its nuclear power plants.

Meanwhile, nations dependent on fossil fuels east and south of the EU have also championed the use of natural gas, at least as a transitional source, even though it still produces significant gas emissions. Greenhouse effect.

She added that, for nuclear energy, appropriate measures should be put in place for the management and disposal of radioactive waste. And for gas, carbon emission limits should be much lower than those produced by coal-fired plants, he said.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said last month that the European Union must be “pragmatic”.

He said the bloc will need to double its overall electricity production over the next three decades and that “this is simply not possible without nuclear power”.


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