Idaho’s electricity consumption increases with heat and population growth

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — When Sandy Amdor and her husband returned from an Oregon Coast road trip, they turned on their air conditioning for some much-needed relief from the heat.

But their system broke while they were gone.

“And then we come home from a long day on the road, and it was probably about ninety-three degrees in the house,” Amdor said. “Not quite ideal.”

With high temperatures and a larger population increasing the strain on Idaho’s power grid this summer, is there a chance more Idahoans will end up in Amdor’s place without A/C?

“We’ve worked hard to make sure there’s no disruption in service, and customers have certainly helped with conservation,” said Adam Richins, chief operating officer of Idaho Power. “But, in the end, our system was taxed but it’s doing well.”

Idaho Power reported record power consumption during the hottest days of summer, with some days nearly 10% higher than past records.

“We’ve just seen a lot more people moving here, which means a lot more people are consuming energy, so those are the two things that are causing us to hit these peaks,” Richin said.

So, as people continue to move into the state, is Idaho’s power grid at risk of becoming like others across the country, prone to blackouts or blackouts? running ?

“I’m not as concerned about Idaho,” said University of Idaho professor Brian Johnson. “I think because Idaho has remained a little more regulated on the food side than some other states, I think that helps.”

Although concern is still low, Idaho Power is asking customers to moderate their energy use and continue to use energy-efficient items.

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