“Incentive to explore alternative energy sources to ensure energy security”

Speakers at a roundtable on the country’s energy security focused on exploring opportunities for alternative energy sources while curbing corruption in the sector to help tackle the looming energy crisis.

Highlighting the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG), they called for the promotion of green energy and a greater focus on electric vehicles aimed at less reliance on expensive fuel oils during the roundtable “Energy Security: Current Status and Path to be continued,” hosted by Press Xpress (PX), the country’s newest outlet, on Saturday at its auditorium in the city’s ECB Chattar, according to a news release.

Recommendations were also made for the inclusion of a curriculum based on renewable energy and energy efficiency in secondary education and the development of institutional and human capacities.

The Director of the United International University Energy Research Center, Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury, gave the keynote address on the current situation and the way forward to ensure the country’s energy security.

He said the world should rethink the environment before using fossil fuels which cause huge carbon emissions, a threat factor for environmental sustainability.

According to him, net metering should be made mandatory for new industrial and commercial electricity connections, including economic zones (EZ) and export processing zones (EPZ).

Sheikh Mohammad Fauzul Azim, a faculty member of the Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), presented another paper on “Energy Crisis: Root Problems and Lasting Solutions”.

He said the government was in the process of developing an integrated energy and power sector master plan, which should be ready by next November.

“Previously, we found master plans drawn up separately for the power and energy sectors and there was little coordination between the two. We hope that this new decision will also ensure energy security and sustainable development,” he pointed out.

President of Bangladesh LPG Autogas Owners Association Serajul Mawla said green fuel helps us maintain a sustainable environment without any impact on the earth.

“Autogas is the common name for LPG when it is used as fuel in internal combustion engines of vehicles. In Bangladesh, the number of transport running on LPG is very low. the Sustainable Development Goals,” he noted.

Autogas is a mixture of propane and butane, which are widely known as green fuels for reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 15% compared to gasoline.

Super Saver Energy CEO Razzak Hossain Razu also spoke on the occasion while Press Xpress Deputy Editor Nashir Uddin moderated the session, joined by senior journalists, stakeholders and insiders. Of the industry.

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