Inspired to reduce energy consumption in data server barns

Considered to consume up to 2% of the entire planet’s electricity today – and already 11% in Ireland – data centers and server barns have an unenviable reputation as energy consumers, satisfying the limitless consumer desire for avoidable videos, social media feeds and selfies.

Today, Lancashire-based consultancy Inspired Energy has kicked things into high gear by launching a tool to help managers of boxed bit and byte flickering racks track their energy usage and reduce the carbon footprint of their operations.

The Inspired Energy PUE Calculator is an online aid designed to measure the efficiency of center energy consumption. Among other measurements, it calculates the ratio between the IT load of the operators and the total load of the installation.

Beyond that, the company says the tool becomes more efficient when this score can be used as an indicator to identify energy savings, revealing achievable efficiencies in energy consumption, working capital and the associated carbon production of a center.

Inspired, based in Preston, says its product is aiding growing efforts by industry leaders to address the image of ‘poor power punks’ in data centres.

In January this year, the European Data Center Association launched its Voluntary Pact for Climate Neutral Data Centers. The self-regulation initiative supports initiatives to align data barns and server hotels with the European Commission’s carbon neutral target by 2030. It includes a voluntary deadline of December 31 of that year. for the use of 100% renewable energy by its members.

James Miles, Specialist Account Manager at Inspired Energy, said, “Partnering with over 130 data center sites has given us a unique understanding of the specific efficiency challenges they face.

“The development of our PUE calculator comes from our desire to find a simple and effective way for energy managers to take their current PUE and look at potential energy efficiency savings.”

“Only by understanding energy use and the potential for efficiency can we put plans in place to…really make a difference for our businesses and our planet.”

In addition to software development for the data center industry, Inspired Energy helps centers buy with 100% renewable energy and advises on managing carbon and utility supplies.

In a recent Cornwall Insight report, Cornwall analysts ranked the company as the UK’s top advisor in its sector.

Learn more about Inspired Energy’s PUE product here.

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