Look for alternative energy sources

Green energy has been discussed far too rarely in public forums.

With all those windmills and solar panels, how could this writer make such a claim? Nuclear energy is a form of green energy, carbon-free energy with recyclable materials, a practice in Europe, Russia and Japan.

If Europe makes the right choices quickly enough, they may not care whether the United States or Russia sells them gas, oil and coal. Think about this: a pound of uranium will give us 16,000 times more electricity than a pound of coal.

If waste storage scares us, nuclear waste is stored in heavy, squat concrete and steel containers, then stored on thick concrete slabs, surrounded by fences and armed guards. Burned “tootsie roll” fuel is stored in special water holes to reduce their temperature while they “nap”.

Harvesting a secondary source of steam energy? Until nuclear energy can be used more, we must call off the war on oil and natural gas. We don’t need to subsidize all-electric cars and trucks as a gift to communist China and its human rights and environmental abuses. While Democrats have pledged to sacrifice farmland for wind turbines and solar panels, Republicans are the sole focus of nuclear power.

RINO or Trumpist. Vote Republican Lincoln’s party not Stephan A. Douglas’ party. (I quote: James B. Meigs, “What a Waste,” “Commentary Magazine,” September 2022.) .

–Leonidas H. Miller, Mattoon

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