MCLM is now investigating alternative energy sources

The Local Municipality of Mogale Town (MCLM) says there is a need for an alternative energy supply program to enhance its electrical security and improve its profitability.

A statement from Given Masuku of MCLM’s Utilities Management Services said the program intended to procure alternative energy supply from independent power producers to reduce reliance on Eskom. It will also help to benefit from cheaper renewable energy sources or other technologies included in the government’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

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“A feasibility study is therefore necessary to understand and unlock all the obstacles and design plans to attract investment in the energy space of the city of Mogale.”

Mogale worked with the Gauteng Infrastructure Funding Agency (GIFA) to conduct these studies and conceptualize, design and develop project documents that will include other agreements that would be required to ensure the success of the program.

“The success of the program will contribute greatly to the current national energy crisis, resulting in disruptive load shedding encounters. The city of Mogale engages with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy to obtain an authorization from the Minister responsible for energy within the Republic. »

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They are also seeking a Notice of Determination from the Minister who will designate Mogale City as the purchaser and purchaser of approximately 100MW of power to be developed by private entities under the new scheme.

“A program of action will soon be finalized and communicated to the public in due course. However, any other questions regarding the program can be directed to the Energy Services Division at [email protected].”

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