Microsoft Updates Xbox Power Usage Screen

Xbox is rolling out a new update that sheds light on the difference in power consumption in its boot mode options.

Microsoft updates the Xbox energy consumption screen. With this new feature, Xbox consoles will allow gamers to access more information to determine if the power savings are worth the convenience loss.

The Xbox Series X’s potentially dangerous environmental side effect, known as the “instant on” feature, has been criticized by climate scientists for using as much energy as a coal-fired power plant. Only 2 out of 3 users who kept their Xbox on in sleep mode would cost around $500 million in the US alone. Fortunately, a new Xbox Series X/S update will give gamers access to more information about Xbox Power usage, which could help alleviate environmental issues.


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Xbox sends out system updates fairly frequently, as one of the previous quality of life features gives players the option to turn off the Xbox startup sound. However, the new Xbox update is something that not only gamers can take care of, but also those who are also concerned about the environment, or just their electricity bill. Tom Warren shared on Twitter that the Xbox update will include an energy usage screen, which shows that “Energy Saver” and “Standby” have been replaced with “Shut Down” and “Sleep” for better understanding of what each mode actually is. The power the Xbox console will use is now listed based on each mode, which should allow gamers to make more informed decisions about whether the convenience is worth the extra amount on their power bill.

The power saving update will first be released to those in the Xbox Insider program, but should be released to the rest of the public in the near future. According to PureXbox, “Shut Down” mode uses 26 times less power than “Standby” mode, which this update should shed more light on this power analysis. Also, Xbox Series consoles aren’t the only ones with Rest Mode, though PS5’s Rest Mode feature reportedly had some issues, possibly causing players to not use it. , concerns about these features relate to both consoles, rather than just Xbox.

Xbox is looking at other quality of life improvements, like a new Xbox storage option being tested. However, in the case of the new Energy Usage Mode, players will have to choose whether the quality of life feature associated with using “Standby” is worth the increased energy bills and life impacts. ‘environment. Thanks to the update, users will be better able to make this decision.

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Source: Pure Xbox

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