Mihajlović: “We have enough energy sources and the price of electricity will not increase”

Minister of Mines and Energy Zorana Mihajlović said that the price of electricity in Serbia will not increase this year and that Serbia will have enough energy, but the government still does not know at what price it will obtain natural gas.

Mihajlović told Euronews Serbia that due to the Ukraine-related crisis in Europe, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) does not plan to increase the price of electricity for households. and businesses this year. She also said that Serbia will have sufficient sources of energy, crude oil, crude oil derivatives, natural gas and electricity, and that she is confident that the price of gas will not remain the same as before. ‘before.

“There will be no supply problems and we will have sufficient quantities. This means that quantitatively speaking, we have everything we need, ie enough crude oil, crude oil derivatives, natural gas and electricity. But I don’t know if we could get natural gas for the same price (270 euros),” Mihajlović warned.

She recalled that the European and global market is facing tectonic upheavals. “The previous price of $170 per 1,000 cubic meters (of gas) is now over $1,500. We are negotiating a new (gas supply) agreement with the Russian Federation,” Mihajlović said, adding that the existing agreement between Serbia and the Russian Federation expires in May.

“The question here is at what price we can expect to buy the gas. It won’t be 270 euros, that’s for sure. It will probably be higher, but no one is able to predict how much,” she concluded.

(Euronews, 14.04.2022)


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