Ministry of Electricity interested in the diversification of energy sources

Baghdad ( – The Ministry of Electricity confirmed on Monday that the government is keen to diversify energy sources and pursue electricity interconnection projects, according to a statement quoted by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Mousa, mentioned that the Iraqi government and the Minister of Electricity are interested in diversifying energy sources and moving forward with the completion of energy projects. electrical interconnection to have a reliable and stable electrical network.

Mousa explained that the purpose of the electricity interconnection is to prepare Iraq to become an important member of the energy market.

Mousa said power interconnection with neighboring countries will be beneficial for all parties.

Mousa confirmed that the ministry wants to implement solar energy projects and follow up on contracts with international companies. He added that the ministry also wants to build solar power plants in all Iraqi governorates.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity added that these measures are important to reduce carbon emissions and not only respond to fossil fuels.

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