More electricity must be generated by renewable energy sources: SA Wind Energy Association – SABC News

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) says more electricity needs to be generated by renewable energy sources as South Africa and the world face massive oil price hikes and gas.

The association highlighted the opportunity to build private generation plants by independent producers, as the country faces power outages.

There are concerns about the impact of diesel price increases on Eskom, which uses diesel generators to supplement electricity from its coal-fired plants.

SAWEA Managing Director Niveshen Govender said that although there are many alternatives, renewable energy is by far the most feasible.

“We have more demand for electricity than we can supply as a country. So any new generation capacity that comes online will be helpful and helpful in combating the load shedding challenges we face. As a country, we have already installed 5 gigawatts of renewable energy, of which 3.3 is wind energy, so given the good market conditions, I think that renewable energy, and wind energy in particular, can provide more electricity to the grid faster and at a lower cost,” says Govender.

SAWEA says renewables need to be accelerated

Meanwhile, Eskom announced on Thursday that the utility would reduce power outages from phase three to phase two.

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