NVIDIA’s New AD102-Based GeForce RTX 4090: 600W+ Power Consumption CONFIRMED

NVIDIA’s next-gen GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, which will be powered by the AD102 “Ada Lovelace” GPU, will have a TBP (typical card power supply) of 600W…and that’s in reference form, not custom AIB form where 600W+ might be in the rearview mirror.

The rumors come from Tom @ Moore’s Law is Dead, who said his sources have confirmed the 600W power consumption news. AMD and its next-generation RDNA 3 architecture.

Tom’s sources explained: “It looks like the best Lovelace Professional 6000/8000 card could use 320-375W. Right now they’re testing prototypes at the limits of an 8-pin EPS (375W), or they’re even testing some prototypes with a 16-pin connector. It’s still 2 slots, and still a blowing cooler. So they’re limited to what they can cool“. The source added: “But this is an unprecedented power boost for a standard class of professional card.“.

The leaks continue:In mid-2021 the Lovelace top was expected to be a 400-500W card, but 500W+ was still an option…at this point 500-600W seems incredibly likely. The RTX 4090 will have a TBP of 600W. It also seems to be more advanced than the other maps…so it’s probably the first to launch“.

What about system integrators (SIs) and OEMs and the 600W power consumption of the next-gen GeForce RTX 4090? Tom spoke to some industry sources, who said: “Honestly, we (major OEMs) don’t see this as a huge challenge. Now we know we need to support 600W, and so we’ll“.

If people notice…many OEMs are suddenly releasing larger chassis that include much better PSUs for a reason. We prepare ourselves. 1000W+ PSUs will soon be standard“.

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