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Podcast: The Industrial Real Estate Show with Chad Griffiths

Electricity is one of the most important considerations for industrial tenants and building owners. Stantec Electrical Engineer Bryce Pasiuk joins host Chad Griffiths to further explain key concepts.

Among other topics, they discuss: how tenants determine the power they need; building electrical service, including amps, voltage, and other important terms; what you can do if the building is incompatible with the needs of the tenant.

The interview was conducted live, so comments and questions from participants will appear in the accompanying chat window.

Pasiuk is an electrical, instrumentation and control systems engineer with experience in engineering, design, programming, construction and commissioning. He also has experience in biomedical engineering, including the design, development and implementation of a prototype rehabilitation device for the visually impaired.

Having taken on a lead design role in various water and wastewater projects, Pasiuk also takes on a commissioning role for several projects, from stand-alone stations to regional facilities. He has field experience with control panels, process instruments and electrical equipment.

Most recently he was the lead designer, construction support manager and programmer of electrical, instrumentation and site controls for the North Red Deer Wastewater Services Commission Regional Wastewater System.

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