Policy makers and experts discuss renewable energy sources, consumer centric approach, market demand

All is not lost, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The federal and provincial governments are committed to getting the power sector back on its feet, Engro Energy Limited (EEL) CEO Ahsan Zafar Syed said during a speech at the energy symposium in Pakistan “Ushering the Future of Energy”, in a local chapter. hotel on Friday.

“It is essential to review and reassess policies that impact the energy sector. Over the years we have heard of many problems and their solutions, but they are all centered around supply, today we want to break that down and take a detour,” he said.

“Instead of a supply-centric approach, we want to focus on consumer needs. This will not only solve the consumption problems, but also the supply problem,” he added.

According to Syed, they would take a futuristic approach at the symposium where stakeholders were to consider: planning initiatives, policy interventions, the role of technology, private sector interventions and a customer-centric industry.

The event was organized by Engro Energy Limited in collaboration with CORPORATE PAKISTAN GROUP, National Electricity Supply Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Foreign Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) and Government from Sindh.

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