Polish auction system supporting renewable energy sources extended until 2027 | Denton

On November 30, 2021, the European Commission issued a press release announcing the extension of the auction system until 2027. RES auctions are the main support instrument for renewable energy producers in Poland. The decision in case number SA.64713 has not yet been published, however, the Ministry of Climate and Environment expects its announcement soon.

According to the European Commission, RES auctions are appropriate instruments to support energy production from renewable sources, facilitating Poland’s compliance with its climate commitments while complying with EU state aid legislation .

The current support scheme would have remained binding until the end of 2021. Thanks to the extension, auctions can be organized in the following years until 2027 inclusive. We expect greater transparency in the system due to the new requirement to publish estimated auction budgets for subsequent years in advance, as opposed to the current rule of publishing budgets one year in advance. advance and only for the next auction.

According to preliminary estimates, the extension of the auction system will create around 9 GW of new RES production capacity. The amount of aid granted can even reach PLN 43.85 billion.

Link: Daily News 30/11/2021 (europa.eu)

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