Tamil Nadu’s Electricity Consumption Falls 14% | Chennai News

Tamil Nadu’s power consumption in March last year was 10,925 million units. In March this year, it was 9,349 million units.

CHENNAI: The Covid-19 lockdown saw a 9% drop in energy consumption across the country between March 2019 and 2020, while in Tamil Nadu the drop is 14%. Tangedco estimates that the drop in consumption for the entire containment period, if lifted after May 3, could exceed 11 billion units. On average, Tamil Nadu’s energy consumption was 10,000 million units per month before the lockdown was announced.
The total electricity consumption in the country in March 2019 was 1,08,355 million units, but it fell to 98,404 million units in March this year, according to data released by the Central Electricity Authority. Similarly, Tamil Nadu’s power consumption in March last year was 10.925 million units, while in March this year it was 9.349 million units.
In April last year, the total consumption in Tamil Nadu was 10,500 million units. Looking at the drop in consumption from the last week of March, when the lockdown was announced, and extrapolating it for the entire lockdown period, the total drop in energy use between March 25 and May 3 could to be around 11,000 million units, which is just over a month’s average power consumption in the state, a senior Tangedco official said.
The first phase of the national lockdown began on March 25. All industries and commercial establishments then shut down to prevent the spread of the pandemic.
“Our drop in consumption is more due to the fact that we have a large number of industrial and commercial consumers. In January this year, there were 36.44 lakh commercial consumers and 7.47 lakh industrial consumers in Tamil Nadu. Since the start of the lockdown, there has been virtually no demand for electricity from industries and commercial establishments,” a senior Tangedco official said. The discom expects demand to increase in the coming days as the government issued instructions to restart industries in rural areas. “As farmers in the delta prepare for the kuruvai season, demand is expected to increase slightly next week. But major change can only be expected when industries and offices start operating in Chennai and surrounding areas,” the official said.
Meanwhile, the state has been harvesting wind power in recent days. “Wind energy production normally starts in May. But this year, the windy season has already begun. We get reasonably good winds in the evening and early morning. We put certain thermal units into standby mode when wind power production resumes. We harvested 30 million units of wind power on Friday. Peak hour generation was 1,386 MW,”


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