US Ambassador Discusses Ways to Increase Energy Supply from Azerbaijan to Europe

BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 9. US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Earle Litzenberger said Azerbaijan can provide energy to Western Europe in the medium to long term, Trend reports.

Litzenberger made the remark during a June 9 briefing.

“We strongly believe that Azerbaijan can play a role in bringing more Caspian gas to European markets. There is definitely huge demand at the moment and I think that will continue. “Europe continues its policy of reducing its dependence on Russian gas, the demand for energy will continue to be very strong. The other thing that excites me is the potential here in Azerbaijan to develop wind energy in particular and solar energy which can also generate either hydrogen that can be exported or electricity that can be exported.Azerbaijan can therefore, in the medium and long term, provide energy to the “Western Europe. I look forward to seeing Azerbaijan play that role. In the short term, the Trans-Caspian Interconnector is one of the various projects that people are watching very closely. In many ways, it seems to have a lot of I know there are discussions not only e between governments, but also between companies to discuss technical issues and also political issues. The United States speaks to all governments in the region about the importance of coming together to make decisions that can, for example, help increase or double the capacity of the Southern Gas Corridor,” the Ambassador said.

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